Armstrong Relocation's stewardship as an industry leader extends to the environment in which we operate. Our purpose is to manage operations in such a way as to minimize their environmental impact, lessening that impact year after year. We strive to extend this approach to the suppliers that serve us and to the clients we serve.

Realizing our responsibility and duty to the environment, we commit to:

  • Recognize and address the indirect and direct environmental impacts of our operations
  • Measure our most significant environmental impacts, set targets for improvement, and monitor progress
  • Support the integration of environmental considerations and objectives into our business decisions
  • Make efficient use of resources, adopt effective waste management procedures and place a significant emphasis on recycling
  • Ensure that our employees have a continued awareness of environmental issues, and the importance of each of their roles in environmental responsibility
  • Ensure that environmental considerations are included in our risk assessment procedures for all lines of business
  • Demonstrate through our business decisions, and daily operations in our markets, that we support sound environmental principles
  • Review this policy regularly and make it available to all stakeholders
  • Publish information about our environmental performance for the benefit of our clients, partners, suppliers and employees

As an extension of our environmental policy, Armstrong Relocation seeks to extend its impact to its current and future suppliers. We expect our suppliers to act in congruence with this environmental policy. In the course of conducting our day-to-day business affairs, we are initiating environmentally-related discussions with existing suppliers. Additionally, environmental factors will become a standard, significant factor when considering potential suppliers in the future.

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