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May 27, 2020

Top 4 Professional Employee Relocation Advantages

Congratulations! You’ve hired some incredible talent for your team. All that’s left is to get them relocated to get started doing the great work you’ve hired them to do. Getting them moved expeditiously, safely, and with as few bumps as possible for their family members to the new location is something you’ll want to consider. Partnering with a full-service professional service is one way to ensure the best possible outcome.

Sure, there are companies that give employees money to move themselves across country, and hope for the best, but the risk and additional stress on the employee can be debilitating to job performance, resulting in a productivity gap–not to mention a morale drop if the experience is a bad one.

There are definite advantages to taking the relocation burden off your employees. Here are four key advantages to hiring a full-service relocation company.

1.  An Organized Move

Can you imagine a frantic employee preparing to start fresh with a new company, while also to orchestrating a move across country? How about the anxiety of planning a move when you haven’t even put the house on the market? Armstrong Relocation keeps your employees and their loved ones organized and on-track at a stressful time. Armstrong’s professional staff will pack, transport, unpack and help get your new employees settled as quickly as possible.

Moving is hard, but with Armstrong’s full-service relocation service, employees can relax and experience the kind of supportive, stress-free move they deserve. They’ll be able to focus on family and friends, and leave the heavy-lifting to Armstrong.

2.  Additional Resources

Relocating is a complicated process. If your team member needs help buying or selling a home, Armstrong Relocation has consultants that can help with real estate services. Armstrong’s consultant will help guide the employees though the process, no matter where they currently live or where they will be moving.

Armstrong Relocation also takes the load off your HR department, freeing your team up to handle the more critical aspects of human resources, while Armstrong handles all the moving parts of employee relocation.

3.  Avoid Risk of Injury to Employees

Did you know back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in one year? While not all do-it-yourself employee moves result in injury, the risk is there. Your team is too valuable to risk injury in a relocation. Armstrong’s reliable team has decades of experience handling corporate moves, and their expert movers are trained in the proper procedures for loading and unloading heavy furniture or equipment.

4.  A Positive Reflection of Your Brand

Another advantage of hiring a respected, professional company such as Armstrong is that employees will share their experience and their feelings about your company for taking such good care of them.

Nothing helps a business expand and grow like successful, happy employees spreading positive vibes and being productive. Your employees are the greatest advocates and amplifiers of your company’s brand. A successful employee relocation experience will help your new hire feel valued, build trust and reflect positively on your brand.

You’ll feel the advantage of Armstrong through the exceptional service we provide. Moving doesn’t have to be complicated, all it takes is the right team and resources–and that team is Armstrong.

Let Armstrong move your team wherever they need to go. Call us to discuss employee relocation.

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