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July 16, 2020

Why You Need More than Movers & A Truck

Moving the contents of your home from point A to point B sounds simple enough, but is it? While moving is about getting belongings from one location to another, the process is much more complicated. The services that professional moving companies provide beyond the movers and the truck can make moving smoother and reduce stress for you.

Here are three additional services to consider:

1.  Partial or Complete Packing Services

Yes, you can absolutely pack everything yourself, but do you want to do it? Packing takes more time than any other single aspect of moving. So, perhaps instead of relying on having time to pack, you may consider hiring a professional moving company that offers full or partial packing as a service option.

Using professional packers to take care of your packing can make this part of the process faster and more efficient. The moving company will send a team of experts with all the packing materials they’ll need to pack up your belongings, and they’ll label and stage boxes for loading. They will also bring special packing materials for any breakable or fragile items you need them to pack.

Partial packing is also available. You may ask pros to pack everything except the children’s room if you’d prefer to pack that room personally. Should you commit to packing any items yourself, make it a priority in your schedule, so you don’t overlap with the professionals you’ve scheduled. You’ll also want to get the proper packing materials and label all of your boxes for easy unpacking.

Most professional moving companies like Armstrong can provide a checklist to help you organize your home and make decisions about packing services.

2.  Decluttering and Staging

For those of you needing to sell your house, here’s an optional service for you. Many professional moving and relocation companies offer decluttering and staging services.

In real estate, the purpose of decluttering and presenting a beautifully staged home is to attract the largest number of potential buyers. Decluttering involves weeding out things that are cluttering up the space and removing them before showing your home to potential buyers. Staging is the process of creating “eye candy” by combining furniture, art, plants and interior styling to present an appealing first impression.

To a homeowner, decluttering and staging can be a nightmare. The processes include organizing and categorizing your things, identifying and packing the clutter items, arranging furniture in a pleasing fashion, and cleaning your home inside and out. If your home is already on the market, why not hire pros? You can think of them as your flip team.

Professional teams like Armstrong help by efficiently packing clutter items that are not appropriate for showcasing your property. Additionally, pro teams handle the loading, transporting, and storing of your items that won’t be used for staging, until your home is sold. Armstrong provides and maintains secure offsite warehouse storage.

In addition to all the work Armstrong can help you with, they can also connect you with a professional staging consultant service to assist you in making aesthetic decisions regarding the items that need to stay or go, or what you need to purchase to decorate your home to show.

3.  Disassemble and Reassemble Furniture

Moving puts a new spin on how you think about your oversized items and fragile furniture pieces. Suddenly, you’re wondering how you’ll manage the difficult task of taking things apart and prepping delicate or heavy parts to move. What if you break something or hurt yourself in the process?  Hiring pros to disassemble and reassemble your furniture brings peace of mind that your items will be safely relocated, and your back is much less likely to be strained by heavy lifting.

Many pieces of furniture need to be taken apart to be transported safely. Items that can benefit from being disassembled are pieces too large to fit in doorways, too wide to make turns in staircases, or fragile pieces of furniture like your bedroom dresser with the glass mirror.

Professional teams like Armstrong come prepared with the right tools and equipment to make disassembly and reassembly of your furniture easy and stress-free.

Armstrong brings more to the table than your average “movers and a truck” company, Armstrong is a full-service partner you can count on for all your moving needs. They make residential moving easy with top-to-bottom services that take care of every detail for you.

Talk with Armstrong today about your next move!

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