August 13, 2020

Healthcare Facility Warehousing

Healthcare is an ever-growing and evolving industry with changing needs and requirements — but often limited space. Throughout all corners of the healthcare industry, from the smallest of private practices to the largest laboratories and world-renowned research hospitals, storage and warehouse services are needed to help meet demands. Whether you’re a hospital department with unique records storage needs or a wing of your facility is undergoing renovations creating the need to warehouse large medical equipment, Armstrong has space and capabilities to be your storage solution! Armstrong Commercial Services can provide a customized solution to track, receive, inspect, store and deliver a complete range of furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Inventory management

Your healthcare facility assets are valuable and every healthcare department, practice and institution has unique requirements. That’s why we take a fully-integrated and systematic approach to meeting your individual needs.

Armstrong Commercial Services uses real-time inventory tracking so you can stay in touch with the status of your inventory at all times. With Armstrong’s inventory-management technology, you can track the status of all your equipment and other assets and call on us to deliver it when you need it. Our storage technology contributes to both cost containment and process efficiencies throughout every project and our storage facilities utilize barcode scanning to capture item data upon entering and leaving a warehouse.

Product kitting

Armstrong’s turnkey services set us apart from other industry warehouse-relocation providers and allow us to go the extra mile for clients. Our product kitting services are a prime example of this.

When you’re moving into a new space, or your facility is undergoing renovations, we can help by kitting the inventory needed for individual rooms. If you have a new hospital wing with patient rooms that will require brand new light fixtures, hospital beds, medical equipment, decor and furniture, your team can have all the inventory shipped to our facility where we will package items destined for a single room into kits. Then, when the time comes, Armstrong is organized and ready to install those kits in the specific room they’re intended for — your new wing will be seamlessly set up and ready to serve your patients.

Storage for unexpected project delays

At Armstrong, we know that projects don’t always go as planned and when you need someone to store items until your space is ready, Armstrong has warehouse space and locations across the country.

If your project isn’t going at the speed you expected and you have immediate equipment storage needs, Armstrong is ready to help. Our teams can come to you and fully decommission and pack up your space, transport your items to our storage facilities, and hold until your space is ready. We can also receive any new equipment you may have ordered and need safely and securely stored until you’re ready for our teams to deliver and install it for you. 

Asset security

One of the most important services Armstrong Commercial Services offers through our storage solutions is peace of mind. Your assets represent major investments and offer your patients the absolute best medical care — you deserve to know they are safe and ready to operate when you need them. At Armstrong’s nationwide storage facilities, we offer 24/7 state-of-the-art security.

Whether short term, long term or during transit, we can store it. The Armstrong family of companies owns and operates over 2.9 million square feet of warehouse across the country, many of which are military-approved and audited. All facilities are equipped with alarms, after-hours security personnel, fire suppression systems, ventilation and vaulted storage. Shipments are also padded and containerized for further protection. 

Armstrong is proud to be known as an industry leader in national and local relocation services on a large scale. Getting your facilities where they need to go –– stress-free. Whether it’s a laboratory, private practice, or an entire hospital, we have the team and resources to provide your organization with a smooth transition.

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