April 7, 2021

Pitfalls to Avoid in Office Moving

As you set your sights on a new office building your next step is likely to investigate what the relocation will entail. Office relocation can be daunting, but don’t let that stop you from making the change. Whether you are moving a few blocks away or across the country, we have identified five common moving pitfalls that, if avoided, can help make this transition seamless.

Moving without a Strategy

Lack of pre-planning is the cause of many common issues when moving. From logistics to time management to coordinating a checklist — these moving pieces will be better executed if planned ahead.

Don’t rush this process. A hurried move can lead to delays and additional expenses. Take time to scope out scenarios that may cause delays and troubleshoot them before the move. Find the right time to start the move.

Coordinate with teams on a planned timeline: before the move, the day of the move and after the move. Pre-planning the move will keep you on track throughout the process while reducing unnecessary stress and business downtime.

Overlooking IT complications

One area often overlooked is IT. From your phones to computers and any technological equipment vital to your business, creating a plan for this area is important. A common problem after moving offices is returning to work to find the new office is not set up properly — an avoidable setback.

Moving Office Expenses

Another important pitfall is effective packing to keep your materials secure. Most technology is an investment and when moving, it is critical you have the right movers to deliver the inventory in a safe and timely manner.

Opting for the DIY option

The instinct to do it yourself is understandable; however, before taking the risk to move the office on your own here are some reasons to reconsider.

Moving can lead to injuries. After all, this isn’t your team’s day job. One-third of all work-related injuries involve harm to the shoulder and/or back that often result from heavy lifting. Avoid the strained back, breaks and knee injuries by calling in professional help.

Additional expenses are another reason. This can be found in materials, inventory replacement or time required away from regular business activities. Supplies such as trucks, insurance, boxes, cleaning and fuel can quickly add up. Moving, if not done properly, can be even more time consuming. It is best that you don’t attempt to move the office on your own and instead utilize professional relocation services. This will make your move smooth and comprehensive and allow you to focus on work.

Failing to prepare the new facility

It is common to place focus on the existing location and what needs to be done before stepping into the new facility, but oftentimes businesses forget to prepare the new facility as well. This can even include the smaller day of tasks once everything is in the new office.

Consider things you may need on the big day like access to parking or elevators. Once you move in, simple things like utilities can be forgotten as well. This ties back to the planning stage. Keep the new facility in mind when making these preparations ahead of time.

Determining the right company

Another instinct might be to go with the lowest cost moving company. This can become a pitfall quickly for two reasons.

The first is that lower quality movers can put you in a situation where inventory does not arrive on time or shows up damaged. The second is that the company might not have the capabilities to differentiate its services to fit your needs such as asset storage, packing assistance or decommissioning your old location.

For a painless transition, you want to partner with a company with decades of industry experience who is known for problem solving. Avoid these moving pitfalls and enjoy the hard work you have put in to make this transition happen. Let us take care of the details and get you settled and back to business. We offer a range of services from pre-move planning and budgeting to furniture installation and reconfiguration. Contact Armstrong Commercial Services about your office move today.

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