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October 18, 2021

8 Tips for Moving During the Winter Months

As the winter weather settles in, the relocation rush is calming down — leaving you with the perfect opportunity to move without the hurry.

A recent report found that, while 35 percent of people schedule their moves for summer, only 16 percent brave the winter weather. Tackling your relocation during the off-peak moving season can provide you with more available dates and competitive rates.

Though convenient, a winter relocation is going to require different preparation than a summer experience. Here are eight things you should know about moving in the winter months.

1. Be flexible with your timeline.

 Snow or ice storms can roll in quickly, so keep your eye on the weather as your moving day approaches. If your relocation partner hasn’t already assigned you a dedicated move coordinator, make sure you have an easy way to get in touch with a representative. Ask them about their inclement weather policy and what they do to prioritize safety during winter moves. Build some flexibility into your moving timeline in case Old Man Winter has other plans for your big day.

2. Double- and triple-check your utilities.

Transferring utilities is a step that many people forget, regardless of when or where the move occurs. However, you may be in for a rude awakening if you move in the dead of winter and haven’t yet turned on your heat. If you have access to your new home before moving day, schedule a walkthrough to ensure your heating, ventilation and plumbing are working properly. On the day itself, turn off the heat in the rooms your movers will be coming in and out of to avoid wasted electricity.

3. Pack with extra layers of padding.

Your fragile items are more prone to cracking in frigid temperatures. If you are doing your own packing, be extra cautious as you wrap your breakables. To pack like a professional, cover every fragile item in at least two layers of padding, such as bubble wrap and unprinted paper. For bowls, cups and other kitchenware, invest in special dish boxes and cardboard dividers to give each item the protection it needs. Ignore the urge to overpack each box, and instead fill any extra space with packing peanuts.

4. Keep winter essentials on hand.

It takes the average American 182 days to unpack all of their boxes after moving, according to a Duck Brand survey. Instead of wondering for months which box contains your heavy coat, pack an easily-accessible bag of belongings to transport in your own vehicle, including toiletries, medication and winter essentials. Label the boxes containing your other cold-weather gear clearly so you or your movers can quickly unpack everything you need to stay warm in your new location.

5. Clear your driveway of ice and snow.

Moving to or from snow country? Make sure you have a shovel on hand. The last thing you or your movers want is to trudge through snowbanks to get to and from your house. Keep yourself, your relocation crew and your items safe by clearing paths from the van to your door in the morning. If snow plows regularly run through your streets, plan your move for a time when they won’t block in your vans.

6. Protect your floors from winter sludge.

When it comes to winter relocations, your welcome mat won’t be enough to protect your new floors from the elements. Cover your hardwood floors with tarps and your carpets with cardboard to prevent snow, ice and slush from seeping into your space. If you are moving with a full-service relocation company, they are likely to take care of this step for you.

7. Find a pet sitter for your furry friends.

If you’re traveling with pets, board them on moving day or line up a sitter. Most pets will be less stressed if they are away from the movement and the cold. You’ll experience less stress too, knowing your four-legged family members won’t be in the path of heavy boxes and furniture.

8. Start your moving day in the early morning.

In the winter, you have less than 12 hours of light to get settled into your new home. Consider starting your day early to ensure you or your relocation partner have time to finish transporting, unloading, packing and installing your belongings before it gets dark. Coordinate with your move coordinator to find a day and time that maximizes your opportunity for daylight.

Armstrong Relocation provides full packing, storage, moving, transportation and installation services for local and long-distance relocations. Start planning your relocation today by calling our experts at 800.288.7396 or requesting a free quote online.

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