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November 2, 2021

Case Study: Full-Service Relocations for Research-Intensive Institution


  • Decades-long partnership
  • Domestic and international lab relocations
  • Data-center packing, relocation and installation services
  • Support for renovating, expanding and decommissioning departments
  • Cross-country residential moves


For more than 30 years, a prestigious public research university has turned to Armstrong for relocation solutions. As the institution has changed over time, its labs, departments and data centers have required a nimble partner that can efficiently handle its internal relocations. The university depends on Armstrong to minimize downtime when managing the moves so its students, researchers and professors can return to work as quickly as possible.

Project Challenges

The client is always adapting to better meet the needs of its students, faculty, staff and stakeholders. As a university committed to continuous improvement, the client is frequently relocating people, renovating spaces and moving resources. The university needs a moving provider with wide-ranging expertise and a national asset network to manage large-scale relocations. Because of the fast-paced nature of higher education, these relocations must happen under tight timelines, often without substantial planning periods. The client needs a partner who could manage the following commercial and residential relocations:

  • As one of the country’s most research-intensive universities, the client has several leading laboratories on- and off-campus. The projects frequently take the researchers across the country, and the laboratories regularly relocate to more convenient locations.
  • The university prides itself on having some of the most advanced, future-forward data centers to support its research and education programs, and it requires highly-specialized expertise and materials to relocate and upgrade data-center equipment.
  • The institution offers a wide range of academic disciplines located in offices and departments scattered across campus, many of which need expert help to downsize, relocate and renovate their spaces without disrupting the academic programs.
  • When new professors, lecturers and staff are hired, the university needs a trusted partner to relocate them from cross-country locations to campus smoothly and efficiently.

The Solution

Armstrong handles local, interstate and international lab relocations for the client. The university’s laboratories contain priceless research materials and sensitive equipment that have to be packed, moved and reinstalled with the utmost care. Armstrong has the personnel and experience to handle these high-stakes relocations. Leveraging decades of experience with laboratory moves, Armstrong’s experts provide detailed project management and keen attention to detail to ensure the materials and equipment are protected.

When the university needs to move or update data centers, Armstrong is there. If the client is replacing a server or switchboard, Armstrong’s crew comes in to safely uninstall, remove and recycle the old equipment. If the client is moving part or all of the data center to a different location, Armstrong works with Information Technology experts to disconnect the servers and pack them in secure materials, such as specialty bubble wrap and boxes. Whether the client is moving, expanding, downsizing or decommissioning the data center, Armstrong is equipped to maneuver the project’s complexities.

When the academic departments need to renovate their suites, Armstrong provides relocation services to pack, store, transport, sell or donate furniture and equipment. At every step, Armstrong ensures that faculty, staff and students face few disruptions due to the moves. Armstrong’s team works to maximize efficiency and meet quick deadlines, allowing the departments to experience as little downtime as possible.

Additionally, as part of the university’s employee relocation package, Armstrong performs cross-country moves for the client’s new hires. These relocations may be the employees’ first experiences with the university, so it is up to Armstrong to make the transition seamless. For cross-country relocations, Armstrong calls on its national network of owned locations and vetted partners to get the client’s employees settled in their new spaces.

Client Value & Results

During this long-standing partnership, Armstrong has built a trusted relationship with the client, establishing itself as the go-to choice for reliable relocation services. When Armstrong is on the job, the facility managers can be confident that the moving process will exceed expectations. Armstrong saves the university time and money by reducing downtime during every relocation. Armstrong’s team strives to meet the requested timelines and budgets every time without fail, allowing employees to get to work sooner.

As a full-service relocation partner, Armstrong can handle every part of the moving process, making the transition easy and convenient for the client and its stakeholders. The client appreciates that Armstrong takes care of every detail, from protecting the walls and floors when moving in and out, to connecting the client with its own vetted partners for shelving and other items. Armstrong’s expertise — coupled with its commitments to accountability, dependability and transparency — have made this partnership a lasting success.

High-Quality Capabilities

Armstrong consistently receives praise from the client for fast response and high quality of service. Over the course of this partnership, Armstrong has demonstrated its dedication to continuous improvement, adapting to meet the university’s unique needs over time. Armstrong continues to tackle projects of varying sizes and scopes for the client. If your business needs a relocation partner who can handle everything from liquidating furniture to decommissioning large facilities, contact Armstrong today at 800.288.7396 or request a free quote online.

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