April 14, 2022

6 Tips for Moving During Peak Season

While unforeseen supply chain issues have slowed down many industries, the relocation market is moving more than ever.

Last year alone, the United States Postal Service tracked 36 million address changes. And as a result of the ongoing “Great Resignation,” long-distance relocations are becoming intriguing possibilities for even more Americans. A LendingTree survey found that 40 percent of consumers are considering a move in 2022.

As the pandemic’s economic effects linger, prices for everything from housing and gas to packing materials and labor are on the rise. If you’re one of the millions of individuals making a move this year, staying on time and on budget may require some extra preparation.

Here are six tips for relocating during a peak year or season.

1. Be smart during the home-buying and -selling process.

Selling a home should be a sinch in today’s market, but homebuyers should expect steep competition. Fortune reported that 70 percent of homes for sale in January ended in a bidding war, contributing to already-high costs.

Start by setting priorities for your new home. What are your must-have features? What would be nice to have but negotiable? Keep those priorities top of mind when searching for a home in the desired price range.

Stay competitive by searching for homes under budget, should the asking price escalate into a bidding war. Offers will also be more compelling from buyers with mortgage preapproval from multiple lenders.

2. Look for national moving companies.

Relocation companies are likely experiencing high demand, so begin researching the best movers in your area immediately. Avoid scammers by investigating each company’s reviews and complaints with the Better Business Bureau and requesting quotes from several reputable movers.

Across industries, companies are feeling the squeeze of a nationwide labor shortage, so consider hiring a mover with a more established network. Relocation companies with multiple locations across the country have more assets, crews and equipment to dedicate to your move.

3. Stay flexible with the moving dates.

In a tight market, booking the move at least a few months in advance is essential. If possible, maintain some flexibility with the exact dates to ensure you get a spot in the moving company’s quickly-filling schedule.

If moving to one of the most popular states, pad your timeline to account for potential delays in finding available housing accommodations and relocation partners. United Van Lines found that Vermont, South Dakota, South Carolina, West Virginia and Florida received the most inbound migration in 2021

4. Negotiate employee-relocation benefits.

Relocating for work gives you negotiating power with your employer. Before accepting an offer, talk to the hiring manager about the relocation benefits offered for new hires. If an employer wants an urgent move, it’s in their best interest to support you by covering relocation expenses and providing hands-on assistance.

Nearly 33 percent of people who moved last year did so for a new job or job transfer, according to United Van Lines. Many of those workers received financial support from their companies, with some employers even offering to pay for trips to look for new housing in order to give people additional breathing room in the tight housing market.

5. Purge as many belongings as possible.

Keep your inventory lean by only relocating with the essentials. If you’re not sure where to begin, start by following these tips for decluttering your medicine cabinet, makeup drawer, bookshelf, kitchen and closet. Commit to tidying a small portion of the house every day for 30 days.

Instead of leaving unwanted furniture and equipment at the curb, list them on Facebook Marketplace to make some quick cash. Donate items that don’t receive buyers, and save the proof of exchange for a potential deduction on your taxes.

6. Find second-hand packing materials.

The costs of packing materials are rising, so make sure to pad your budget to account for these unexpected costs. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the Producer Price Index for pulp, paper and allied products increased by nearly 25 percent last year, and the index is still increasing this year.

If you’re doing your own packing, consider buying boxes, tape and bubble wrap off of neighbors, Nextdoor or other local forums. If enlisting a full-service mover to handle the packing, the company will provide cartons to organize your belongings.

Despite the supply-chain and inflation issues, relocating can still be efficient and cost-effective with the right partner. Planning ahead ensures that this new transition stays exciting without becoming stressful.

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