July 22, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Storage in Transit

It’s no secret that most Americans have more stuff than space.

An average household in the United States has 300,000 things, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Times also reports that more than 25 percent of families with two-car garages use them for storage, not cars.

Every home represents a lifetime’s worth of belongings. When moving to a new home, most people need extra time and room to get all their belongings from one destination to another.

That’s where storage in transit (SIT) comes in handy. Here’s what you need to know about this value-add service before your next relocation.

What is storage in transit?

Moving companies offer storage in transit as a short-term option for people who need to clear their current home of belongings but aren’t yet prepared to settle into their new residence. Rather than racking up charges with a self-storage unit, you can ask your movers to hold your items for anywhere from days to years.

Your moving company will load your possessions onto the truck, then deliver them to a secure storage vault in one of its warehouse locations. When it’s time to transport those belongings to your new home, your movers will load the vault back onto the truck and organize everything in the proper places.

Think of it as hitting “pause” on your move and delaying the offloading process for as long as you need.

When should I use storage in transit?

Often the closing dates on your current and new homes don’t align. Instead of squeezing everything into temporary housing, you can leverage storage in transit to save space and protect your belongings.

Whether you are undergoing renovations, staging your home or taking an additional day to travel, storage in transit ensures that your possessions are ready when you are.

What are the benefits of storing my stuff with a moving company?

Storage in transit is a fast, simple and affordable way to stow your possessions. It reduces the number of times movers handle your goods and allows you to focus on other tasks. Here are four main benefits of these short-term solutions.


Renting a self-storage unit requires you to experience the moving process twice — once to stow away your belongings and again to transport them to your home. Storage-in-transit options, however, don’t waste any time. Your moving company will keep everything enroute to your destination so you can settle into your new space in half the time.


Managing your own storage can be complex, stressful and time-consuming. Not only do self-storage units add another item to your lengthy to-do list but trying to coordinate schedules between your storage provider and your moving company can lead to miscommunication and delays.

Full-service moving companies can take it all off your plate, allowing you to sit back while they manage the logistics and do the heavy lifting. Your items will only be a phone call away, ultimately accelerating the moving process.


It’s easy to forget what you have in self-storage — or even that you have a unit. Your storage can become a black hole for your stuff and savings if you’re not paying close attention.

Your moving company can include storage in transit in your estimate, saving you money by streamlining the relocation process and ensuring you only pay for a single move.


Moving companies are experts in packing, transporting, and storing items to keep them in pristine condition. Movers will wrap your furniture using industry-leading practices, load it into vaults, and seal it to ensure maximum protection.

Warehouses also have advanced security, including electronic sensors and video cameras. While self-storage locations have high traffic from the public, moving companies can minimize the number of people moving in and out of their warehouses.

How can I get started?

When requesting quotes, ask moving companies about their short-term storage solutions. Planning far in advance allows you to reserve the space you need even in the busiest seasons.

Armstrong Relocation makes residential moving easy by taking care of every detail for you — from storage in transit to settling-in services. Get started today by calling 800.288.7396 and requesting a free quote online

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