July 31, 2023

Tips For Preparing And Upgrading Your Smart Home For An Upcoming Move

Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when you have a smart home setup to consider. With the growing popularity of smart devices and automation, planning ahead is essential to ensuring a seamless transition for your smart home.

Check out these 8 tips for preparing and upgrading your smart home for an upcoming move.

Managing Your Router and Network

Depending on how many smart home devices you have and how complicated their setup is, you may want to document your current network settings, including Wi-Fi network names, passwords and any custom configurations before you unplug your router and devices.

Back-Up Your Smart Home Settings

If you plan to take any or all of your smart-home devices with you, remember to back up all of your settings and preferences. This includes things like your smart home routines, schedules and automation rules. In most cases, you can simply log into your smart home app, export your settings to a file and then import the file into the new smart home’s system when you arrive in your new location.

Take Inventory of Your Smart Home Devices

Now that you’ve documented your settings, it’s time to take inventory of all the smart home devices that you currently have installed. Once you have a comprehensive list of all your smart home devices – from smart light bulbs and thermostats to security cameras and smart locks – begin thinking about which ones you want to take with you to your new home and which ones you might want to leave behind or replace.

Check Compatibility with Your New Home

Before packing up your smart devices, check if they will be compatible with your new home. In some cases, your new home may have incompatible wiring, negating the need to pack your new devices.

If your new home has a different infrastructure, you may need to replace some of your smart home devices or upgrade your existing ones.

Pack Your Smart Devices with Care

If your smart devices have delicate or fragile components, such as screens or sensors, protect them by wrapping them with bubble wrap or placing them in protective cases. This extra layer of cushioning helps prevent damage from bumps or vibrations during transit. If available, use the original packaging that came with your devices, as manufacturers often design the original packaging to provide optimal protection during shipping.

While packing up your smart devices – as with all other electronics – place accompanying items, such as remotes, power adaptors or mounting brackets, in resealable bags and pack them in the same box as the items they belong to.

Finally, be sure to fill any empty spaces with packing peanuts to prevent movement inside the boxes.

Label Your Smart Home Devices

Before packing other items, clearly label any boxes containing your smart home devices to avoid any confusion during the moving process. This can help you quickly identify which devices are which and make setting them up in your new home easier.

Upgrade Your Smart Home Devices

If upgrading your smart home system has crossed your mind, moving to a new home can be the perfect opportunity to do so. Upgrading can help you streamline your smart home system and take advantage of new features and functionalities that may not have been available with your older devices.

If you decide to upgrade your system or any devices, be sure to do your research and choose products that are compatible with your existing system and meet your specific needs and preferences.

Hire a Professional Smart Home Installer

If you’re uncomfortable with uninstalling or setting up your smart home system on your own, consider hiring a professional installer. Professionals can help you ensure all device resets are covered, and everything is set up properly, from connections to functionality.

Additionally, a professional installer can advise and recommend the best smart home devices for your new home, helping you make informed decisions about your smart home system.

Preparing for an upcoming move can be daunting, but with the right planning and preparation, it can be a smooth and stress-free process.

Are you planning a move and worried about how to prepare and upgrade your smart home? With Armstrong, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free move while enjoying the convenience of a fully functional smart home in your new space. Contact us now to learn more and make your move with ease. 

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