Armstrong is focused on conserving natural resources and the pressing importance of running a sustainable company geared toward protecting our planet.

Armstrong is committed to reducing our environmental impact and the impact of our clients and partners. Protecting our natural resources isn’t just an extension of our stewardship, but a purposeful mission for us.

Addressing Our Environmental Footprint

As a company with a large footprint, we know we have a responsibility to be as environmentally proactive as possible. That’s why we choose to make better choices for our planet throughout every step of our moving services. Armstrong trucks that travel in and out of California are all compliant with California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations, creating a proactive approach to reducing emissions that other states are expected to emulate in coming years.

We are also reducing our use of paper significantly by replacing most hard copy files and documentation with technological streamlining processes.

Steps We’ve Taken To Improve Sustainability & Reduce Environmental Impact

Armstrong continues to improve our footprint by recycling all cardboard, packing materials, cans, bottles and other recyclable materials. On commercial relocation projects, we use plastic crates in lieu of cardboard boxes and plastic tubs and carts that can be reused indefinitely, in lieu of wooden tubs and carts. Armstrong also dispatches crews, equipment and drivers in an efficient manner to better use fewer resources.

With the switch to interior and exterior LED lights throughout multiple warehouse locations, which can last up to 25% longer than conventional light bulbs, Armstrong is looking to potentially cut its warehouse energy consumption by over 80%.

It is our continued mission to remain proactive about conserving the environment and leading other companies by example.

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