When your company gets ready to relocate, you want your new space to feel like home. Armstrong’s team of moving professionals has been helping clients do that for decades.

Do you wish there was an easy, stress-free way to get your business to a new location and have it look even better than before? Armstrong is here to help! Our teams know your space needs furniture assembly done in a timely, efficient manner that helps you get back to work. We’ll get all your pieces properly packaged and moved to the new location, then unpack and assemble all previous and new furniture and equipment. If your company has extensive office space that you need moved in a quick, organized fashion, Armstrong’s teams will individually pack each workstation, move it to your new location, and unpack it.

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Commercial Office Reconfigurations

In offices all over the world, employees are learning a new way of living office life to keep themselves and others safe and healthy — while in some cases, a segment of the workforce may continue to work remotely. Luckily, with decades of commercial relocation under our belt, Armstrong is equipped with the services and experience you need to adapt to your new norm — whether that’s getting your team back into the office safely or setting up your team to work from home on a more permanent basis.

Why You Should Move Your Office Professionally

When you’re getting ready to move an office without a professional team you’ll have to manage to find all the proper moving equipment, vehicles, and packing materials. Renting or buying all of these items can be costly and time-consuming. With a full-service mover, they not only come with all the necessary equipment, but they will also provide the packing materials and completely pack your office. Some moving teams like Armstrong can even pack personal work areas and reassemble them as desired in your new space.



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