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Healthcare Facility Warehousing

August 13, 2020

Healthcare is an ever-growing and evolving industry with changing needs and requirements — but often limited space. Throughout all corners […]

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Six Months Out: What to Do When You Are Moving the Office

July 30, 2020

If you are moving your office, planning is key to success and that’s why starting early is critical to making your move smooth.

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Case Study: Cross-Country University Laboratory Relocation

July 20, 2020

Armstrong Relocation – Huntsville’s team partnered with the Stanford Human Genome Project research team for a cross-country relocation of equipment and invaluable scientific research findings and files.

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Why You Need More than Movers & A Truck

July 16, 2020

The services that professional moving companies provide beyond the movers and the truck can make moving smoother and reduce stress for you.

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Case Study: Lone Star Flight Museum

July 14, 2020

Armstrong’s Houston team provided relocating services to The Lone Star Flight Museum, an aerospace museum that houses artifacts and collections related to the history of flight.

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Case Study: Whole Foods Fridge Move

July 14, 2020

Armstrong Raleigh’s team provided refrigeration system relocation services for Whole Foods requiring warehousing and delivery for three separate major grocery store locations.

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What is Decommissioning and Why You Should Care

June 26, 2020

Business owners spend a lot of time and energy on moving to a new location, but they don’t think about happens to the old space after the move.

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Commercial Office Reconfigurations

June 24, 2020

Over the next weeks and months, the workforce across the country will begin to stabilize from this pandemic.

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Top 4 Professional Employee Relocation Advantages

May 27, 2020

Congratulations! You’ve hired some incredible talent for your team. All that’s left is to get them relocated to get started […]

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Why You Should Book Your Move Now

May 13, 2020

In this blog, you’ll find helpful information to understand why booking early is so important and why you should book your move now.

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